Kinda newbie, but learning.

From Denmark, yup that’s Scandinavia. I’m very passionate about American politics and what’s going on.

It started out when I saw that Trump were in the running for presidency. At first I watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and different news sources on YouTube. Also being on Twitter cought my attention. A long time ago I had watched the Daily Show, but not rigurously. I liked Jon Stewart a lot, but since I didn’t know a lot of the poleticians he was talking about and talking to , I didn’t fully follow the discussions. Well that changed fast after I got cought up with the presidential race.


I love travelling, I do a lot of crafts  I’m quite active on social media, and I love tech stuff, hence my desire to make this website.

Crafts Projects I’m interested in are

  • knitting,  at the moment it’s socks
  • printing pictures and text on clothes
  • photography
  • websitebuilding
  • video editing, at the moment primarily cropping video, transforming to Mp4, uploading to Twitter and Instagram. I want to do more editing, but that must come later.
  • sewing, not so much at the moment


Jeg går meget op i Amerikansk politik. Meget af min viden kommer fra YouTube, the New York Times, Washington post og late night shows.

Mit favorit show er the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, også kaldet LSSC. Andre shows jeg er er Last week tonight with John Oliver.

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